Sunday, March 8, 2009


Frances beach sampled. It was sixty three degrees today and it felt like spring. Crocuses are out close to being in force.



The Finely Tuned Woman said...

You sampled Frances' beach quite nicely. I've seen crocuses here and daffodils. It's amazing.

jgy said...

Lovely moving 'plaid' pattern.
Played cleverly with water moving over rocks weaving into the checkerboard.

I love those black smooth rocks, can I reach into one of those windows and take one out to hold.
There was a small 'pond' of them in the back yard of my grandfather's house.



Mick said...

This one's as warm as the weather was the last few days.

SusuPetal said...

Warm and smooth stones feel nice on the finger tips.

Frances said...

looks warmer than it was and as warm as will be. We have daffodils, crocuses almost finished now, some tulips showing a little colour

Bev said...

We don't have daffodils as Frances does as we are somewhat further North and it is colder. None out, anyway.

Crocuses are at their peak, snowdrops are over and I saw a wild primrose last week.

Love these springflower updates on the net:)

Kim said...

very mellow John...
the contrast is wonderful..
happy to hear that spring is round the corner...
I can see our summer has slipped away..

Lisa Sarsfield said...

This works wonderfully John. I really like it!

Springish on your blog and Autumnish on mine! Wahoo!

anonymous said...

I saw a few plaids that reminded me of this image.
I picked them up and put them in a post but I must say it doesn't capture the grace and elegance of yours!
Feeble attempt, but I put it out there just them same.
Feel free to say it doesn't move!
And feel free to bring over a few black stones to put in between the spaces.