Tuesday, March 24, 2009


answer.to.quest.ion --- may.be.a.ship.in.the.night



Anonymous said...

when does the answer become the question?

i see a fancy peacock with one errant tailfeather imploring our eyes..."because? because! behold!".

jgy said...


Q also for quiet, the space that opens up, where there are thoughts that we can't find when we're busy answering ( questions).

Looking in, room.to.ponder.purple.berries


PS I like lbz's words too, I will go tell her

The Artful Eye said...

I see a purple prayer mantis, cold, hoping for the promise of spring.

Great texture and use of color, small patch of red adds interesting visual. Playful.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

This is very beautiful, John, and one of the best you have made lately. It must be its baroque style that I like so much, even though I claim to like stark and modern. This totally intrigues me and I can look at it without growing tired of it. I like the words "Because", just because, for no other reason. Let that be enough. I like your little bit of red too. Very well done.

among found objects said...

Like this new style developing...