Monday, March 23, 2009


Not much time lately and here is what I have been shaking up in the blender...not likely to be a pan.cake...

Details of a slightly earlier draft, below.

Still so cold here. Wearing layers everyday and almost need gloves. Last Friday there was a strong flurry as I stood on the train platform and I faced into the wind allowing the flakes (that were coming at me almost sideways) bathe me - accepting the last gasps of a nasty winter.

Alas, the cold curtain did not come down after my symbolic gesture.

Hope all of you are well. Thanks for dropping by....


SusuPetal said...

It has been snowing in Helsinki, and it's cold once again.

I'd like to have some of that warmth I see in your work!

ladybug-zen said...

mmmm. lovely, warm, rich colors. love that green. or maybe chartruese is more accurate?

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

I think it's lovely, John and I like how the colors compliment each other yet remain distinctly individual even where they seem to blend. It's a very nice effect you've created and one I wish for in my own collages.

jgy said...

Good way to keep warm, keep shaking up all those colors.
I must say that green catches my eye.

Take care and hope that you will receive some of the spring's warmth soon. I see you in a modern woodblock print. Penn.station.poetry.

some Japanese sunshine:

The Artful Eye said...

I'm in love with the details. The colors are vibrant and complementary.

Reminds me of brush strokes on worn wooden fence, a spattering of rust.

Wishing you the warmth of spring.