Monday, March 16, 2009


Plastic recycled - tissues package -aaaaaah chooo.

Detail of the "cousin image" as unfolded:


Mick said...

I'm always amazed, not at the skill, but at the common items you use to make such powerful artwork.

jgy said...

You do magic with a tissue pack.
I am sure there are the equivalent to the lost sea scrolls written in those plaids.

When cousins...are two of a kind.
(what t.v. show was that from, speaking of lost scrolls, I mean I don't know where that came from, something with Haley mills, she wore plaid...
It's nighttime.
Beautiful transformations.
Good night:)

Anonymous said...

"The Patty Duke Show" - stolen from disney.parent.trap....good morning.

Thanks, Mick, you are too kind.

SusuPetal said...

The photo above make me think of an English library at some gentleman's home, you know, brown, worn leather armchairs, a nice round glass of cognac or whiskey(not on the rocks), the smell of pipe tobacco and ancient first editions.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I present you the award for the best ever
Lovely work, better than artsy compost and speedos.

Thanks for your visits and kindness. Much appreciated:) :)

Joy Logan said...

Nice pieces!

Kim said...

bless you John ;)
ominous red doors??
the bottom image looks like an exotic sumptuous curtain dropped on a marble stage ..
must be the stage props that I'm working on's affecting my subconscious thoughts
very powerful images!!!!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

What's this? Has John been all work and no play??

Anonymous said...

This one looks like the Japanese columns in Sylvita