Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Mick said...

This, and the detail of the version below, stopped me in my tracks, John. It isn't often that a piece hits me in the gut like this one does. Oops! I just drooled down the front of my shirt! :O

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Barely there daffodils, beside a large column that looks a little bit like a palm tree. Apparently the effect is lost on me and my lack of artistic know how is showing. Don't blame it on yourself, John. It is purely a shortcoming on my side.

anonymous.jgy said...

This page looks quite lovely in the morning light.
It shines a-new.
Thought I might find some candy here, but even better found these treats.

John said...

Thank you I like this image a lot despite its small size.

Larger version has been a struggle in terms of the larger composition.

I am finding less time to create so we shall see.

Many of my comments are done on the train on my blackberry.


Listenin to an amazing african song on my ipod from. Allsongsconsideres podcast of January 26, 2009. I cannot spell or pronounce her name.


The Artful Eye said...

Beautiful, appears like a screen print or batik. Lovely in it's simplicity.

The job has eaten my brain. No time,
like you. busy. aarrgghh..