Saturday, October 18, 2008


Thursday an elderly man, George, who had been a helpful neighbor, died. George had lied about his age and at sixteen he enlisted in the US Navy and served on a submarine during World War II. George was friendly, tough, kind and honest. He was a union Democrat.

George fed song birds and also unwanted pigeons in his back yard. He was an electrician. George always had his snow blower running and cleared many a blizzard laden sidewalk. He had every tool in his organized garage. He was very very handy (I am not). We saw him last week end when he gave our kids a pumpkin. That pumpkin is sitting on our doorstep outside.

Take care, George. Thank you.


among found objects said...

I am honored that you linked my blog. I am from New Jersey so don't sweat writing in Spanish. I just make ambiguous where I am from so that I can mispell in either language and no one will judge me.

Bev said...

Lovely tribute to George, a good and kind neighbour.

Irene said...

Here's to George, a good and honest man who did his neighbors many favors. He will be missed. There aren't many of him around.

The Artful Eye said...

I hope George finds peace and comfort in his next journey, and that he is blessed for his kindness to others.

The world needs more like George.

You might want call your pumpkin George,carve his name or carve a smile and light with candle to illuminate in his memory.

Sorry for your loss of a dear neighbor.

I like this dedication to George, collage like, broken, fragmented perhaps a peek from a pumpkin smile.