Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I went today at lunch time to the Museum of Modern Art and raced through an incredible and small Van Gogh exhibit that is just perfect - "Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night" (September 21, 2008–January 5, 2009). The exhibition includes "The Potato Eaters," MOMA's own "Starry Night," "The Sower" and the lovely small canvas, above, that has a Japanese wood print influence. So many of these paintings I have only seen in art books. Jewels that inspire.

The painting below is truly exquisite and a new vision. It glows and vibrates and is exuberantly alive. I must go back soon and I do intend to bring my family.


Bev said...

I think Irene knows a lot about Van Gogh.

It does shimmer and vibrate. Often I think Van Gogh sees things with a special intensity.

Debi said...

There is nothing like seeing these great works of art in person. You think you know a painting from all the years of seeing it in various print forms? Think again.

Nearing 20 years ago I made a special trip to Houston to see a Frida Kahlo exhibit. It was before she really took off, so it was very accessible and felt more intimate. I had already pored over a couple of books I had about her before attending (pre-Internet, too) and had no idea what a transformation awaited me.

I'm all kinds of jealous that you have that experience with Van Gogh! Go again. (And again.)

P.S. Hello John. Hope you've been well :)

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

fantastic I like van GOGH , but the secret of his paintings is the sunlight, (teh type of light) Great to see his works.

Greetings from JoAnn

Irene said...

He is my favorite expressionistic impressionist and I haven't even been to his museum yet. I hide my head in shame. I love the brightness of his colors and the boldness of his movements. The man was truly a genius. I can't help but like him, even when I don't want to, when I think he has become overrated.