Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I took the liberty of sampling of a collage by an artist, from Spain. I hope she does not mind.

I miss white owls, not the cigars, though....I have seen a small number of snowy owls on Long Island beaches in the midst of bitter cold winters. These owls move south, erupt it is called, when the populations of lemmings die down in the artic. No food equals an eruption.

Birding made me appreciate winter - since I bird less these days, I prefer the warmer seasons. But there is a beauty to crisp daylight and frost on a dry brown leaf.


among found objects said...

It came out nice. Glad I could provide some images.

Irene said...

You're lucky you found a nice Spanish artist.

Snowy owls must be a sight to behold. I doubt very much if we would ever see one here. Our winters aren't cold enough anymore, for which I am grateful. What do you mean, global warming?

There is a different movement in your work lately, it is less frantic and more mellow, or is it just me?

Bev said...

I saw a barn owl the other day.

I was wondering what the background was - I thought it was some sort of bank note. However, I went to the site and all was revealed.

Love this digital representation of ice on a dry brown leaf. You have caught the glittery effects of the ice. I bet there are not that many digital artists who have tried this, but it shows what can be done.

John said...

Irene, it is just all of us.

I appreciate all your kind comments.

"Artist is as artist does".

Forrest Gumby

John said...

Irene, it is just all of us.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh I am jealous. Snowy Owls!

Treasure hunting here and I see a fifty!