Monday, June 2, 2008


Andrea tide pool inspiration. I remember the most amazing tide pool fauna along the Northern California shoreline. Sea palm and snails and sea stars and fearless tiny surf line fish, all and so many more in niche that affords statistical adequate level of survival.

Nature is tougher than most humans who now destroys it. Mankind is stronger, not tougher.


Nora said...

I am very much interested in what is hidden by the darker colors and find that I want to lift those away. There is such a promise of color at the top that I am afraid that you've covered up the best parts, or did you not? I am too bourgeois, aren't I? I probably need to go look at Monet's garden instead. Can I just have a peek underneath? In the lint trap maybe? We don't need to tell anybody.

Neda said...

Lapis Lazuli bathed in a turquoise sea of nacre...Are you sure you're not a gemologist?

I am in love with your blues...not the depressing kind though :)

Well done, John!

Bev said...

I remember going on a mini 'safari' by a guide of the rock pools in Lynmouth. They are like mini worlds, little microcosms.

This captures the watery depths and the teeming life beneath.

Frances said...

those thingies remind me of gum.
see shells on the see sure.

Bobbie said...

Do I see bubbles here? If so you'd better watch out because Diane is liable to come and get U..hehe.