Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Bev said...

I like the colours and different textures of this one, scratchy like the branches you may brush past in the forest.

It also captures the darkness of the forest. I have been in the middle of woods and with the tree cover nothing grows on the ground so you get this brown colour everywhere.

I also like that funny little self important bird sitting there. I might go to Babaloo's to see what he looks like in real life.

Frances said...

It is interesting how your technique has made something of nature that looks like the built environment to me.
Away from the dark today, then.
This is light and airy.
Have you entered the competition?

John said...

I new their was a reason why I was a music anglophile buying melody maker when I was in college and getting obscure lps by bands like Man back then....have not enterred contest, yet.

I live for manana....spanish for manana.

Anonymous said...

Just do it! submit.go

Sound familiar, this is your conscience talking.

-your conscience

The Artful Eye said...

Lovely, collage of nature stories.
I like the interspersed negatives and the bird.tweet.images here and there.

Nicely done. Don't overwork. Heal eyeball.

Neda said...

I have been AWOL and I have missed your burst of activities. Every post offered a particular aura and I see a multitude of Johntouches. I love the directions you are taking. Keep going!

Hot Summer hugs!

Trijnie said...

beautiful image John, I love the forest

Lisa Sarsfield said...

You know I love this! Truly wonderful and not a purple boa in sight. Or snakes. Wheeeew!!
Digital and organic- only you could pull it off.
My best, L:)

Kim said...

I have seen these images in my dreams..
I love the bursts of contrast with the winter white :)

Nora said...

I like this image very much, having to do with my sense of balance and order and the symmetrical. I also like the colors you picked.

John said...

Thanks, everyone. Most gracious.

All my best,

Frances said...

this one reminds me of looking out of a fast train window when you're facing forward. a bit like those old flickery films. Now you s... now you don't.