Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am not sure how I made this (how I got here) but the image was a sidestep on the way here....pulled this out of the recycle bin and using since I have had no time to doodle.

The browner sections started from publicity shot I found of someone I heard on NPR. So it is sampled.


dianeclancy said...

Hi John,

This is cool ... it looks like an Asian room divider to me .. quite a sense of space.

~ Diane Clancy

Frances said...

true - a look of Japanese screen.

Nora said...

It makes me think of a Japanese print with cranes walking in the background and a very kind blue lake that they are wading in. I don't know how to interpret the brown area, except for maybe a man made bamboo structure like a veranda.It makes me think of something I saw in my childhood, but the thought is elusive and evades me now. It does make me feel good. It must be some printed fabric I saw in the 50's, because that's what it reminds me off the most. It is what Monet would have produced if he had painted in another era.

Bev said...

It does like a japanese silk screen, with hints of a snow topped mountain and glaziers, so it would have to be Fuji.