Friday, June 27, 2008


Debbi's incredible weed photograph is sampled here - hope she does not mind. Also a New York tabloid photo - the eighteen year old that broke up a super model's marriage. Lust in the Hamptons, forty miles and a world away from where I type.

Every six months I am a sucker for a lurid story - last one was the fall of our noble moral Governor. Life and lust goes on.

Saturday I hope to be able to go to the beach and then hang out with friends and neighbors for the annual Fourth of July fireworks display. The day we celebrate our freedom from the darn Brits (why would they want to tax for stamps or tea?).

Wimbledon is also on now - I listen to it on the Internet - tennis on the radio is a wonderful thing Try it....


The Artful Eye said...

Interesting composition, texture like worn blue jeans, soft image faded, overexposed perfect for tabloid grit.

I can't believe it's end of June, this year is flying by. Enjoy your Independance day! Free from the shackles of work.

Streaming tennis?! pop.grunt.pop/

Frances said...

we are having a lovely time watching wimbledon... and I was ecstatic watching Spain play Russia. The Spaniards move the ball like poetry, flow and twist and turn. Beautiful.
Wimbledon is like the itchy men of middle age, suddenly the queen is dead and a new upstart knocks them out of the way. Some beautiful play - I like to listen to cricket on the radio as well. But I don't understand it, it is a green grassy mystery and reminds me of my most beloved Grandad.

Debi said...

I confess, I'm out of touch. I've never watched TV sports and these days I read only the quickest of Yahoo headlines. So I don't have a clue about Wimbledon or what's happening in the Hamptons.

But I love the softness of this piece. It reminds me of the feel of favorite faded jeans and the tenderness of the briefness of youth -- innocent or not.

Oh and I know I'm probably bias, but I still love this quilt.

dianeclancy said...

Hi John,

This does look like dungarees. I heard about your governor but not the Hamptons.

~ Diane Clancy