Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mascara Surfing

Today I was riding to work on E train and saw something amazing. A woman - five foot two, trim, well dressed - got on at 50th Street (my favorite subway stop) and she stood by a door - not holding on - and started putting powder on her face. The subway moved and swayed, jerked etc and she kept perfect balance while concentrating on her face in the make up mirror.

Next she put on dark red lipstick perfectly as I could tell from ten feet away. All the while the car was moving and jerking and swaying - incredible feat requiring the steadiest of hands and balance.

Next she used a mascara pencil to do her eyes - not brows but eye liner. I was amazed. She did one eye and got off with me on 5th Avenue. She went to Madison side and I to the the 5th Ave exit.


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