Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ear Rings or Bass Plug? Robins and North Face Beauty

Yesterday I took my eleven year old son for a haircut. Since his hair is longer, we take him to a salon with mostly women patrons. While I waited a woman, thirty five and clearly neuve riche came in with bratty son and gangly six year old daughter. Both kids had thick eye glasses so dad must be a blind stock broker.

I sat next to the doting mother. As I listened to love songs on my iPod, the woman took like eight hair clips out of the poor young girl's hair. I was inches from the woman's left ear which had six rings starting at the top of her ear and three more diamond studs near the lobe. I kept counting the rings over and over again because I have mild case of numerical dyslexia. She was so self involved she never even noticed my staring at her ear.

She may have thought she was stunning, but her ear one one fish hook shy of a bass plug - a lure used to temp trophy fish into biting.

More is not better. It is excess. Bass plugs are lures - they are not real. Yuk.

Let me gaze, transfixed, at real clear beauty anytime. Inside and out. Something rarer than quintuplets, honestly. North Face of Everest perfect.

BTW, I saw an American Robin on my front lawn today. Cold and bitter morning, but Spring will come. It was a female. Young, clean and so healthy.

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