Saturday, November 27, 2010

LIRR platform at Penn walking back towards stairs mid concourse.

I believe the picture in the past post is one of the best "traditional" photos I have taken with my BB - shot form the hip and panned and a miracle did result because this is anything but controlled.

Some one could come from the other way, I could be spotted, my finger missed the button, I pan too fast or too slow or my sweep moves upwards or down.

A blog fried wrote recently and commented that she did not take my Blackberry photos seriously. I do, I have come a long way since my first BB images. For every image like in the last pose there are many more moving towards the blur.

Sometimes there is magic that is still and other times less frozen.

Something else I need to address is my general subject matter. I prefer to photograph women. The photos are made with a nod towards Richard Avedon.

I know I am playing with boundaries - candid taken under poor light and close quarter contact without intimacy.

There is respect in these images and I hope that is seen if not heard.


Mick said...

I once heard a features editor at a major magazine tell a photographer, "these photographs are not art, they're just blurry." In the context of the magazine itself and the project in question, she was right. At the same time, generally speaking, she's quite wrong as I view it and especially as I view your work. I hope that such comments haven't harmed your vision ... so far, I think not. That's a good thing. As Fleetwood Mac once said, "Then Play On.

jgy said...

These 3 really are excellent, (the one above, this, and the one below).

BTW, I recently read that David Hockney's medium has become the i-phone. (maybe it's old art news, but I just found about it) He does gorgeous work with it, and is another example that any medium can be put to use for artistic expression, it's not the medium but what you do with it. So keep on with your BB's , or, as they say elsewhere Let it B(B)!!