Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5th Av. platform this morning.

Go here to preview selected songs from Bruce Springsteen's latest album, songs framed around 1978 when he was working on his "Darkness" album. Bruce cannot leave his old work alone and publish it as honest demos the way Dylan repeatedly does in his Bootleg series. So these songs are not 1978 Springsteen but 1978 as polished by a mature Bruce recently.

I would have preferred the demo originals, warts and all. In 1978 Springsteen was in his artistic prime and still very very hungry. Still "The promise" is worth your time if you like the Boss.

The link will be shut down around the 16th when the CD is available. Got to love NPR.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Chicken little said the sky was falling.

Mick said...

I love her skinny tie.