Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just when I thought it was safe the NY Post reports:

The MTA had to fumigate parts of the Ninth Street station on the D line in Brooklyn after the creepy-crawlies were recently spotted in a subway booth, NYC Transit officials said.

Employees hit the booth's emergency button and "immediately left" after they were seen 10 days ago, according to a transit complaint titled Infestation of Bedbugs.

"I lost my mind," said Norman Pou, a station agent who noticed the bugs. "Where there's one, there's two; when there's two, there's more. There's always a whole group of them."

Workers trapped the bugs in an envelope and closed the booth, with freaked-out station agents refusing to go inside. Managers fumigated the area the following weekend, and the booth has since been reopened, union officials said.

According to MTA policy, all complaints about bedbugs are investigated and contractors apply pesticide when needed.

The pests have turned up on wooden benches in some subway stations, including Hoyt-Schermerhorn in Brooklyn, Union Square in Manhattan and Fordham Road in The Bronx, according to city Housing Preservation and Development Department officials.

A transit spokeswoman said there have been no other complaints about infestations on subways or buses.

Early August when the livin' was easy....


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Frances said...

we heard about NY bedbugs. Maybe New Yorkers are neat?
Advice here is don't tidy your bed in the morning, they like that warm environment and if you leave the bed open it is too cold and dry for them - so sluts like me don't get bit.

Laurence said...

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