Thursday, April 9, 2009


Lately all work, family, sleep, no play. I did take this photo out my office window - that is mid town Manhattan. Have a new Blackberry with a camera. Also downloaded on it a game of chess that I have yet to beat the machine.


Listening to early Flying Burrito Brothers and old Credence albums. For years I just had a two two "Chronicles" greatest hits and they just re-mastered the old discs so I bought three albums ("Born on the Bayou," "Green River" and "Willie and the Poorboys")that they put out all in 1969. I had all them in vinyl when in high school and for a few months they were my favorite band. I never listened to the Flying Burrito Brothers back then.

I highly recommend "Hot Burritos! The Flying Burrito Bros. Anthology 1969-1972" - great sound and value.

I also have been listening much for weeks to Beach Boys "Pet Sounds."


gyj said...

rhapsody of images and sounds.♪

anonymous.jgy said...

(Taking up space here wiht a joke...)

Why did the zen poet cross the road?

To get inspiration for the next haiku.

(here's the haiku, it's called Laugh)
5 ha's
7 hee's
5 ho's

The Artful Eye said...

Too funny. hahohee,heehaho,mahalo,aloha

Pics from your office window in Manhattan, will always do. I like the idea. Randomness in window shots.

This one is very cool, framed by the tree blossom.

I don't remember the Flying Burrito Bros. Maybe at the time they were a California band. I love their sound. I may need to add this to my ipod. Beach Boys are always good for spring.

Hope you're well. Isn't work a crime? I wish we could all be off and free to do art.

Mick said...

Like, dude, pass the bong and quit hogging the snacks, man.