Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I much prefer tennis to golf, but this is funny and amazing (if a true feat).

Congratulations, Roger Feder, on 5 US Opens in a row. Feder clearly is the greatest tennis player, ever. Like Pete Sampras, he is also a gentleman. I miss civility in tennis almost as much as the serve and volley game that went out of strategic fashion with the demise of wooden rackets.

The Women's final was also fantastic tennis. The women's game seems to have benefited more from the newer rackets. Serves can come more than 100 miles per hour.

Found this via Yahoo so many of you may have seen it. I never had the patience (OK, the brains) to solve a jumbled Cube.


Frances said...

I agree with you about civility. When I watched Wimbledon I was really upset by Murray's behaviour and attitude - and horrified by the effect it had on the spectators who became more and more unpleasant and actually booed and jeered his opponents - I was so pleased he was thrashed by Nadal. I find Federer and Nadal so much more civilised, in their different ways. I wasn't able to see any of the US Open, but sorry Nadal was beaten and pleased Federer won. He is the best still and for my money Nadal is the second best - learning from the master. The rest are far behind.

Kim said...

hah how clever...he's obviously a lateral thinker John :) :)