Friday, September 12, 2008


Is it dirty hypocritical politics or hurricanes that are destroying the USA?

Another twist of the water park sidewalk and a beach front swimming pool pavement.

On the subway tonight I saw a woman who was taking home her newest purchase - a blanket. Is a late symbol for the end of summer? IS "dream team warmth" eight points down in the polls?


Irene said...

A complicated post. A gorgeous image, with some politics and hurricanes and then that blanket, which you won't find in the Netherlands, because we all use duvets.

My daughter lives in Houston and is getting ready to be hit by Ike and hopes to live and tell about it.

Frances said...

depends whether you are talking internal or external - death of the soul, definitely contamination by dirty dastards. external, well either the dirty dastards or the weather will do it.
How do you feel about the politics? I feel disappointed, though I am so far away...
I am already disappointed in Obama - can't say why - exactly. He seems different from my original perception. I notice we have two of his books selling very well here in the UK - why?

I guess I had unrealistic ideas about Obama and I forget that your left wing is somewhere near our right wing and that your politicians all have to be rich people.
LOL - I'm sure I would count as a Commie in the States, though I dislike all totalitarianism and fundamentalism
Do you have any part of the political echelon that you feel represents you?

Frances said...

How rude of me. Love that purply colour and bambooish light things.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Such a heavy question. Our govt has just announced the election date, Nov 8 just after yours. Don't know about you but I don't want either of our main candidates to win...

Keep well John.Don't be afraid of the blankets:)L

Anonymous said...

In america, ok the usa, there is something called the electorate college which means popular vote is mostly all or nothing per state which means it will boil down to states like ohio, west virginia, indiana so politicains are forced to pander or dilute themselves to please those voters.

NY is not contested so we aere taken for granted.


Kim said...

so that's why New Yorkers are so laid back John ;)
the purple is impressive especialy the metallic undertones :)