Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Penn Station morning commute today - everyone seems to be wearing black because black is the new black and black is not as good "eye candy" for a blackberrry image. I am drawn to reds, blues and greens.

Hope you are having a productive and artistic week. I am less in touch with blogging artists as I was a year or two ago. I miss that electricity.


SusuPetal said...

Black is also The Color in Finland. I would like to buy an orange-colored coat.

We have more snow in Helsinki than in Lapland!!

Artistic week it shall be, I'm finishing paintings and crochetings for Christmas presents.

Have a nice week, John.

Mick said...

By tomorrow we'll likely have 3-feet of snow on the ground up here ... but, enough about me.
Here, never mind the circuit breaker, just grab hold of the end of this red wire and hold it for a second. Okay, now twist the blue and green one together and ... :O


jgy said...

Another great portrait!
I like how you have gone over something, i.e, the whole issue of anonymity that you were dealing with.
In these recent images I sense that you have taken it to a new place, the subjects have gone past anonymity into something else. How do I say it? It`s kind of amazing, they have become the opposite of anonymous, ie, they relate to you and your lens, and in a choreographer/dancer kind of way. Unaware yet aware.
Into focus as though they are posing for you. Thus there is an uncontrolled control that you are gaining. All these opposites, like yin and yin, I was reading today about the surrealists aim to unify the levels of dream and reality.
Meanwhile, I know you are a man of few words and I am going on and on..

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Interesting how the change in season effects your options..surely someone where's a red coat?

Nice to see you blogging more even if not as much as a year or two ago:)