Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cold day, warm heart. Good day for oatmeal and hot chocolate.

Praise the Lord and pass the road salt for the icy front steps.

There is a line in a popular Christmas poem about children having thoughts of sugar plum fairies dancing in their heads. Well, I dream of Jeanie with any colored hair on an August subway platform.

Just kidding.

Been watching the Dylan documentary "No Direction Home." I finally joined Netflix and the streaming feature with a wireless router is fantastic. The Dylan movie is not available to stream so I rented it on DVD.

Also got the Dylan Mono box set for Christmas but have not opened the discs yet.

Hope you are all well, my best.


Mick said...

So, you're snowed in then? :)


Ruth Andre said...

Great photos. I especially like the second photo. The light the red dress and the action are all great.