Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spain won an ugly World Cup final this past Sunday - there was mastery in the game but it lacked the magic that I saw in the semi-final against Germany. That was glorious.

I feel for the Dutch, I know that soccer comes close behind speed ice skating. My warmest regards to those that were crushed Sunday. I will miss the games of this past summer.....on to Brazil four years from now, four years - where will we be?

My favorite baseball team is the San Francisco giants. They have not won a pennant, the World Series, since 1954.

It remains humid - sultry - in NYC. Better than winter.


Mick said...

It sure looks like there's a mooning taking place on the subway ... or could it be strains of "Moon Over Miami" wafting from the young lady's iPod influencing my pattern recognition software? :O

Nora said...

We were crushed, but we are getting over it now. Life goes on.

jgy said...

good luck to the SF giants!
humid in Japan too:)