Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two pictures taken this evening on 5th Av. platform. I have not done any BBs in over a week, close to two. Joe, Marie's father, passed away two weeks ago. In the meantime I also moved office building and am gettin accustomed to new sorroundings. I am finally getting better from whooping cough - I am still a bit tired and need to get out and exercise more. Kid soccer also keeping me busy.

I love soccer and canot wait for the World cup this summer.

So art, slowly.

I miss our interaction and your inspiration. Thanks for coming by.

Here is my son Greg playing Hendrix influenced "Hey Joe' with his friend. This is his first video.


SusuPetal said...

Sorry to hear about sorrow in your family, my condolences.

Oh, me too, just can't wait for the World Cup! Soccer and snooker, just love both of them.

That video and the way they played Hey Joe was quite psychedelic!

Take care.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Sorry to hear of your families loss John. I hope time heals all sorrows.

Is the office change a good move?


oh, and I've got to say it....way to go Dad! Great to see/hear the boys playing. Good on them and keep it up I say!

Mick said...

Heartfelt condolences, John.

The first image looks like a soup line ... I hope this is not a portent.

The kid isn't bad by the way ... loved your treatment of the visuals! :)

jgy said...

great playing, and so amazing to sense your love of music and art passed down...
even if you are not having time to do bb, you are probably doing way more than you realize; spending time with family and giving by your presence there...
did you make the video?

Sorry to hear about Marie's father.
allthe best,

Frances said...

sorry about the loss.
Yay your son. Carry on the line!

Pauli said...

Bravo! Enjoyed the video much...I can see Greg really has the feeling for Hendrix's style with the wawa effect and all.