Friday, April 9, 2010

BBs - evening commutes this week.

Went to MoMA yesterday and saw the preview of the Cartier-Bresson exhibit. Wonderful large selection of small prints. So many that we had a visual overload and will need to return next week. All B&W images.

While I was ill I saw a kind hearted movie on BlueRay - "Taking Woodstock." There was a peaceful scene in the movie where uin the background on a hill above the farm where Ravi Shankar played on stage. This led me to investigate sitar music again, an instrument that years ago I found extremely grating. Less famous than Ravi is Nikhil Banerjee, a quiet master who hated to be recorded and who died in 1986. If you have an open mind listen to this. There is a wonderful selection of of his taped live concerts available.

Have a great weekend.


Nora Ibsen said...

I can appreciate the music, but could only listen to it under certain circumstances that would have to include a lot of Indian elemaents.

Mick said...

Music? Dude, quit hoggin' the bong and pass the snacks!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

looking at your BB snaps i thought, boy look at all the rush rush busy-ness, and i felt grateful for my coastal life style. but sitar music goes great wherever you live and here I got no MoMA either.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

The black and white dress stripes look great bb style.

Havn't listened yet...I have an open mind but a capped broadband:)

jgy said...


that music,
a headstand,
on purple yoga mat in the next

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