Monday, August 11, 2008


Before I left Cuba in 1961, the movie "South Pacific" was the last gasp idealization I remember there of the United States. I was maybe seven, and I remember what a big deal it was for me seeing the movie in a theatre with Spanish subtitles. I also remember my parents having the LP and loving the songs although I admit there were lyrics I did not understand. I consider "South Pacific" the greatest Broadway musical - and I am so happy for its revival. Gregory saw it in Lincoln Center as part of his music summer camp. I got the CD, why do I want to call it a record, out of the library today. Great recording.



"Once you have found her, never let her go..."


Sue O'Kieffe said...

happy talk keep talkin...

Kim said...

hello John
I love the dash of red..
I revisited the movie recently and needed a box of tissues ...
I am such a sook sometimes....sniff

Irene said...

Such movies make you love America ahead of time, when it has nothing to do with any reality. That is my own personal experience. Like Gone With the Wind. Why do they make these epic films? What do they try to tell us? We ignorant foreigners, who are so impressed by them. We think Americans are bigger than life. And better too.

But your art is great, I can find no fault with it and I am not disappointed with it one bit. You can just keep doing that all the time and I will never get bored with it.