Sunday, January 30, 2011

My son, Gregory in late August in Manhattan, a BB shot taken in front of a public art space that used to be a New York City Public Library, now closed due to budget cutbacks. It is almost directly across from MoMa, half a block form my office. Marie brought in the family that workday into the City. I recall they went to the Metropolitan Museum and then walked down Fifth Avenue to meet me after work.

I also took portraits of Alex and Mariana and will post here sometime soon.
In January we had a record three feet of snow on Long Island. I miss August.

Most of my BB work now goes to two blackberry blogs, one for Penn Station and one for the New York City subways. If you have time, please visit.


Sue O'Kieffe said...

i was hungry for a little mora. never fear, the snow will melt and soon it will be hot in nyc. over here on the ncofc, we have sun, the camelias are in bloom and the robins have returned. talk about a study in contrast!

jgy said...

Great portrait of the artist's son who is also an artist himself!
I didn't know that library was closed, used to like stopping by there when I lived in NY...
Happy weekend!

Candace X. Moore said...

Hey, John, Happy New Year :o)

Visiting your blog put a smile to my face, as usuall, we share so much...the kids, love of beautiful shapes and colors, and an affinity for hippie concert posters. Good stuff.

That image of your son makes me jealous. Love that pink/blue color contrast. Outstanding.

Frances said...