Friday, October 8, 2010

LIIRR platform in Bellmore and the E train BB subject. An August flashback when the days were long enough to see daylight on the return commute. Soon the return of thick winter coats and shades of somber black and browns will abound.

We should never complain about heat and humidity.


jgy said...

Nice to hear from you Mr.John Mora!
Lovely dissolve and harmony happening here,
and you were right on about my spelling and the family biz.
Happy weekend!

jgy said...

Oh, wait a sec, the above is a mis-quoote, I mis understoood about the speling.

Mick said...

Whoa! The middle photo is Amy the Bartender! I always wondered what (bur-r-r-p!) happened to her.

layers said...

Hello John, I have been away on a trip teaching a workshop and have been home now trying to get caught up.
It has been awhile since I have been here and I still love to see your blurry intriguing mysterious and lovely images.

jgy said...

the double effect is intriguing, the first image at first looked like an embrace, very cool.
I found a familiar sign of fall today, it is for you!
hope you are enjoyin' the season in,