Thursday, June 3, 2010


Leftover image form my MS Paint days. I am listening to Steve Miller "Number 5," Best song is "Going to the Country."

"Gonna leave the city put my troubles behind
People in the city goin' out of their minds
Goin' to the country just to feel like gold
People in the country really let themselves go

Hey, ho, one thing I know
People in the country got one thing for sure
Hey, ho, one thing I know
Every mother's child really lets himself go

Goin' to the country and leavin' right away
No time to talk I got to make a getaway
Gonna leave the city it's a crime and a shame
People in the city are goin' insane"

I am enjoying the warmer weather and have started a bit of gardening. Soccer season ends in two weeks, just in time for the public pool. Getting used to the iMac.

My best.


Mick said...

I was fortunate enough to own all of Mssr. Miller's LP's ... I recall this one fondly.

jgy said...

Happy days to you.
(late and I just wrote and deleted a comment rambling about what would we do with out computers and yet sometimes I wish I could return to spend more time to do more things handmade...)

Debi said...

It occurred to me for the first time, upon seeing this particular digital quilt, your art is very green! I can be sometimes a very slow thinker.