Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yesterday's commute - Penn Station and 5th Ave. subway station entrance on West 53rd Street.

Been listening to "new" music - well, really 1960s new music. I purchased The Who's "Deluxe Tommy" which is remastered and it sounds incredible for such an old recording. I am also listening to early Traffic albums.

Soccer game this morning and it might rain during the game.

Peace. Stay well.


Mick said...

When "Tommy" first came out, the guys in my garage band came over to my house so we could all give it a listen. We just had new wall-to-wall carpet installed throughout the house and as my folks went off for the weekend, Pop said: "Absolutely NO parties this weekend".
Someone's cigarette, probably mine, rolled out of the ashtray and burned a half-inch strip in that new carpet. Mom noticed that the coffee table had been moved, slightly, within seconds of returning home. BUSTED! :O

Frances said...

lol Mick
like the legs john

jgy said...

I still remember all the words to Pinball Wizard...and many of the songs...long time I haven't heard them, must be a treat to hear he deluxe version...

A happy day to you, hope that NY sun will shine on the game.