Monday, November 30, 2009


Sampled sheet on a clothesline.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have been working on quilts again - for those who have followed my blog, or looked at the older posts, you will see that this blog originated with my exploring the use of MS Paint and that I sampled then the images of a struggling Broadway actress/dancer who I had met three or more years ago. It was an artistic relationship. We met a few times to discuss posing and for plans to do a show, and to show her the sampled her photographs and painted on C prints. Less than a year later we parted ways since she moved to California.

The original plan was to do a show that combined sampling and painting on her her and then creating another set where we worked together creating the images which I would then quilt and paint. In the end I am thankful for the experience since the plan and process pushed me to start creating art after a long absence.

Recently I got permission to use the images of another blogger, but I have just determined she is under aged. I had previously believed she was in college based on content of her blog and appearance. I will not use her images again and have removed others, such as the prior post.

The candids BB photos in this blog have confronted for me issues of privacy. I seldom have photographed children. The few underage candids that I have taken, I will not post. I do think children deserve a heightened degree of privacy.

Nothing here is meant to be improper or seedy.

The image today is sampled without permission from a fashion blog and features a Halloween costume. The subject is in college and sings in a rock band and also models vintage clothes in Tennessee. Her blog is artistic, her fashion is creative and it definitively has a Sixties sensibility. I will link sometime if I get approval.

I think I will ask for permission to use her images.

Last day of a four day weekend. My best.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday's commute - all taken in the morning, but for the last one which was taken as I went down into the subway.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Sampled from Mick's October 20, 2009 image - "Cupid's Reliable Map."

In a day of reflection and gratitude, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your comments, your art, your inspiration. I am glad we have met and that we share our passion. A warm embrace all around the world, as we prepare for the holidays and for another year to end. My best.

Happy Thanksgiving. Breathe peace,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I was able to take very few pictures yesterday, but I am happy with the painterly quality of this set. Pictures up top and the last are on LIRR train, going west then east. Otherwise one at Penn, one on Penn platform, and one climbing 5th Av. stairs.

It's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Wishing you all my best.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Thursday - Penn, West 53rd, MoMA, Penn again, LIRR Station platforms at Merrick and Bellmore.

The Monday before Thanksgiving with many people will be taking the week off, I suspect.

We did not get HBO or extra cable channels until the last year when we bought a high definition TV last Christmas. An odd thing is the cable companies show Christmas movies all year. I avoided watching any Christmas movie in the summer. And the fall.

Soon I might succumb.

Another irony is that I got a HD TV about the same time I became intrigued by a low definition camera.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday morning's commute. The escalator pictures show the volume of traffic going up to West 34th Street, half a block from Macy's department store, which will host this Thursday's Thanksgiving Day Parade. These are commuters who will walk or take a bus from Penn.

The E train stalled, first I had to take a tearing on the A platform and then due to an unrelated medical emergency - all train service was stopped temporarily. Luckily I was at a station when this happened so I had to walk about eight blocks to the office. Security guard is a rare daytime outdoor BB shot en route.

Have a great Sunday. Getting colder here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My children, Mariana and Mariana, at breakfast yesterday. Each eating a bowl of Life (cereal). Alex is starting to not like having his picture taken, somewhere simmers the nucleus of what will surely become adolescence.

Years ago I used to do "artsy" wedding photography. The rule I learned quickly was to take pictures of people drinking not eating. Instead, I took pictures of the buffet before the meal and a close up of plates after people were finished.

My least favorite shots were lining up the families. Candid weddings were my specialty.

This weekend are the our last soccer games. Alex has his last travel game today and both Alex and Mariana will play intramural tomorrow.

Peace and no hand balls.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Penn stairs.

Penn, morning commuters. First wreath shot.

E train riders.

Midtown, morning.


Penn, evening commute.

Series at middle concourse, waiting for track announcement. hung wreaths can mess up compositions...

Bellmore platform, conductor at door waving the "all clear."

There is a difference when I photograph in portrait versus landscape mode. Portrait mode is more controlled, tend to have more static compositions - yes, more of a "portrait" sensibility. I have a better idea of what I will get when shooting from the hip in portrait mode. But, if subjects are moving, shooting in portrait it is harder to capture the "decisive moment" (or even get the subject in the frame.

My images taken in landscape are more random, more likely to be magical (by that I mean less premeditated). They have more movement, feel more of a dance. Landscape works better on the go since you throw a wider net.

The BB lens has great distortion at the edges. This can impact portrait photos.

A colleague has a newer BB and the camera in it is better. Crisper and closer depth of field. Possibly faster also - lens allows in more light.

I have come to the conclusion that the more pictures are on the BB memory card, the longer it takes the camera to react and take a picture.