Monday, August 31, 2009

Morning photos again. Last Friday. So many with movement going right to left. Only one landscape format. Men AWOL again.

Below is a portrait Kim of Laketrees made of my daughter, Mariana. I think it is just fantastic.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Friday photos - top ones are the morning commute and the rest are the evening's walk down 5th Ave and towards Penn Station past 42nd Street.

It is good that I'm off for a week since I am a bit tired of taking trains, station and subway pictures. The recent evening walks have allowed me to explore new surprises. Lights, action, little camera.

One good thing about September's shorter days is that I can start walking to Penn and take twilight pictures this Fall. Above ground commute.....

A BB photographer living like like a vampire. BTW, I saw the Twilight movie on blue ray and was surprised, I enjoyed it. I digress.

Blogging allows us to share comments, witness each others' visions and share ideas. With world wide neighbors - across America and the world....Please visit Joane's blog, where she mentions our recent meeting atMoMA. I met her a few weeks ago and now she is home, again.

Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last night, Times Square towards Penn Station, All these taken in rain while also holding Alex's hand as we walked to a bar-b-dinner in Manhattan and then to the train for home.

Marie took the kids to the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday and then Mariana and and two suddenly bored sad faced the boys to the American Girl Store on Fifth Av. Mariana loves this store and it was empty - she got high top sneakers and a little red swim suit for her dolls. Greg got to eat ribs and Alex had burger.

I am off next week so no subways, trains or stations. We are staying in the area.

Maybe a bit of bird watching.....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Penn, E train, 5th Av, evening V train, walking towards Penn near Macy's Jerald Square, Penn and a tired Mariana om the LIRR train as we approached our station. Marie and kids came into the city for the day and they walked the village. Saw CBGBs. ate Ukrainian and had Italian pastries. Yesterday was a beautiful cool day - no humidity.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Train, Penn and ending with stairs to the E train...a morning's dash documented. I plan to be off next week, which makes work this week even crazier.

I almost never take horizontal pictures anymore.

I need to shoot higher - working on that, still mostly shoot from the hip. Head on require such accuracy - so many times they do not come off - my finger is too big and the BB buttons are too small and all atop each other.

Have a great Thursday.