Friday, February 29, 2008


Babaloo tree branches and a trace of a Lisa's raindrops. New Ireland.

Cold Friday morning - it may snow tonight here - so many of us seek the warmth of the spring. I hear the faint approach of wrens, spring is approaching - marching, leaping on this rare day.

Most of us will not experience twenty nine February 29's....bummer - life's brevity - one reason why there is religion and also why there also is art.

On a lighter note I do want to pass out one more award, belatedly, to Trijnie, a Woman In Glass . Trijnie was the first to link my blog and is always so kind. A truly amazing artist also. Go here for so much proof and inspiration....

Trijnie, we hope Hans is much better soon and goes out on a beautiful day to photograph Tommy (or his watch) among those lovely Dutch tulips. No, make it a coastline or the marsh. Nature, naturally. Our best.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Babaloo, again - she has amazing trees. Old word, ageless. Middle Earth like wonder, Ivanhoe-ish. Europa. Thank you.

I have been given awards recently and with pleasure I pass them along, a one way one of a kind youme:

Debi is an inspiration and shows the world West Tejas. Cotton and wild pumpkins and a lot of heart. Great musical taste and the eye of a sturgeon, no I mean surgeon. My first sample....thank you, always. a world blogger, by way of Sweet Irene:

Lisa gets an award depicting someone quite sprite jumping on a trampoline looking for a NZ drunk recycling truck operator. Lisa has a great sense of humor and a sample friend. Unfortunately she is NOT inheriting the manly man award as given by Neda - she must invert it and flip it so it is legible and feminine. No, let me do it for her. Thank you, Lisa - mom.artist (something I can never be). Platonic and chaste, but with extra hearts for your kids:

Have a great day, night, morning.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"run.a.way" (draft)

Samples of Babaloo - Ireland and New York, blended like a whiskey gone sour. The profile is closer to home.

They also have a quick taste of a video.Kris.heart.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Made from two refresh snapshots:

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Reminds me of ice cream sandwich bar - I always preferred plain vanilla. Thanks, Lisa. Too close to your image. Sorry.

Wanted to know what you all thought of this audition for Project Runway - a bit of what I would call Long Island princess mixed with "want to be" fashion diva? Sex sells or just sells out? Apparently Jillian did not make the cut for season three and this was her next try and she got on. Michael Korrs, who she refers to, seems to have made it much bigger as a result of being a judge on the show...he has big footprint on the main floors of New York Macy's stores. Must also be from Long Island given her reference. My kids all sound like they are from here - dropping R's and saying Kaufee for coffee. Billy Joel was our biggest export other than 1950's track housing blueprints. People also used to eat a lot of Long Island ducks. These days there are more wineries than ducks on the East End rural sections remaining.

Montauk, The End, is still beautiful - The Hampton's, where they run polo horses, is a bit further in.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Although titled after dreams of youth, the image is based on web page for one of the Project Runway finalists, a talented woman from lovely Long Island - Jillian Lewis. Marie and I do not watch reality TV, but we do watch this fashion competition, having found it addictive since end of season one - a very creative venue.

This does not mean I follow fashion much, I never buy GQ or dress GQ, etc. I do have a sense of what colors are in and out and can see that women's handbags are about the size of small luggage. Two years ago no fashionable woman in Manhattan wore stockings - ornate ribbed stockings seem to be in this winter.

Although I am not on TV, I have been blessed with two awards this week - Kris gave me one picturing a female (age undertermined) doing aerobic exercises - very fit except her heart popped out of her chest and is floating in air - too graphic for me. Almost a "Kill Bill" quality. Wait, maybe it is picture of Kris doing a reverse painting of a redish heart.

Irene gave me one of the world, it is clear from the image compared to the one last year that there is indeed global warming. Need to get to Amsterdam before the seas rise. That must be a concern there, joking aside.

Thank you, both. A chaste and platonic kiss for each.

Earlier draft:


Friday, February 22, 2008


This one was like pulling teeth, some come easily and others need a drunken midwife.

Sampled Hans's geese again.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

For the past two days Irene has posted truly beautiful mandalas derived in part from my images. Go here or there.

These two works remind me of grand old European ceilings - in a basilica or a noble dining hall. They are truly elegant and peaceful and alive and detailed.

Kidding aside, and I joke too much sometimes, the collective work I see among my new friends here is like a mouse clicking 21St century Grand Tour.

I do not think Irene will mind my copying one of her lovely Mandalas here.

Irene, it is an honor for you to reinterpret my work. Your posts, your visuals and words are a daily honest delight. Your comments are always insightful and appropriate. Thank you.

Hasta la vista.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hard eight is a suckers bet at the craps table, unless you have ESP. IOU ESP ASAP.


Draft, dodger.

Lisa, again. Birds, again. Irene's web waves....I am not loosening up.

Kris, provided last minute inspiration - follow her link to upbeat video clip - cool open friendly interview of a painter painting - a fork in a Golden road.

Fiber. Those little baby carrot sticks...I cannot beleive they grow like that. By product of V-8? My friend had worked at V-8 factory and swore he would never drink it. We free associate here.

Back on topic and for Lisa- mangroves create paradise - they maintain paradise, natural policemen to hold back waves and and big fish - to keep fish fry, unfried.

Where there are birds, there is food and where there is food there is balance. Not talking about Winn Dixie or Safeway. Safeway does sell plastic forks. So, artists - la la la la, peace.


Another egret study on day without time to do much other than (a stutter enabled website).

I did post another study in Yesterday.....sampled Dutch geese soaring for blog.friend.

Go to serene Northern California and what wonders Sue does with my little Paint squares....simply gorgeous magical work.

Okay, nose to the grindstone, again....chow.

Postscript - I changed my name to John - no copyright stuff. See, I can roll over and play dead, no? Great news from Holland - check it out.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Image made from snippets of Kris painting , Debi wild watermellon and an old glass apple that has great legs (better than mine) - yes, samples of artists I have met here.

Heres hoping Hans gets better very soon so he can post more mad pics of his yesterdays and tomorrows. May you soar like the birds you captured so well on wing.

Our best.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Not Neko Case, but still purty sweet. Some of the dream remains....

Sweet Irene once again awarded me, I would not call it a mad skillz (glad someone else can spell), just sometimes it pays to know the names of inexpensive weak made in USA (not outsourced to Mexico) beers:

For those interested in reading more about the cattle egret - fun facts form Cornell:

"The Cattle Egret is native to Africa and Asia, and only reached the Americas in the late 19th century. It was first found in northeastern South America in 1877, having probably arrived there from Africa. It reached the United States in 1941,and started nesting by 1953. In the next 50 years it became one of the most abundant of the North American herons. It has occurred all the way to Alaska and Newfoundland, and has bred in nearly all states.

The Cattle Egret is an opportunistic feeder, and will follow large animals or machines to catch insects they stir up. It also is attracted by smoke from a large fire. Egrets come from long distances to catch insects trying to escape the fire.

The Cattle Egret occasionally adds birds to its diet. At Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas off the coast of Florida, migrating Cattle Egrets land on the large green lawn inside the fort, probably hoping for some nice grasshoppers. Because no insects are there to be had, the egrets try to catch the migrating warblers that also have stopped on the tiny island."
First draft prior to crop and tone edits:

Tomorrow is a welcomed holiday in America. President's Day because George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were born in February. Next holiday is not until end of May - quite a dry spell


Sue's photo, more fractured and with elements of another Northern California marsh picture. I have tried to incorporate more of the wetlands aspect of a marsh preserve and also hint at the setting in both spring and winter tones - sort of a snapshot of the nation from the cold to warmer regions.

I saw a hint of daylight in the Manhattan building canyon as I walked south towards my train station Friday night.

Here are some of the birds for Sue's marsh.


Another Sue O'Kieffe sample with elements from my son Greg's Christmas tree lights experiment. Artificial tree and nature merged. Nature and ritual reunited. A rectangular circle for the geometry challanged.

I expect a red winged black bird to sing any minute.


Sacred Circle marsh, color and contrast altered for manipulation.

BTW, an esp portrait of me in southern hemisphere. Toilets flush counter clockwise there due to the spin of the earth.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Lisa, raindrops keep fallin on my head. I do give you an award since you are the only one I have ever "met" who has jumped on a trampoline to take a picture of an overturned septic tank truck in her back yard.

She also does not moimoi moi and those are fighting quote Clint, "a man must know his limitations."

I have continued to work on Sue's egret....the first, quite simple, is the best.

Everyone, read page 123 of your book over and over and over until you fall are getting very tired. Your eyes are heavy and you are breathing deeping. Clear your mind of all worries. You will write a nice comment here....yes, sleep, fall asleep. Do not moimoi moi. Yes, close your eyes.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Sue sent two pics - this simple treatment of part of one jumped of the page to me. Almost Sue's vision, modified....

It is too simple, too fast for me to take any credit. Logical? Should art be real hard?

Just like I learned to like a book moimoi, I now accept awards. Soon I will care more about what I wear - will start by caring if my khakis are unacceptably wrinkled.

Kris gave me a "platonic kiss" - from now on she will be called grandma. She all commented that women fight dirty. For me the issue is that women do not forget. They talk about forgiving, but forgetting is better.

I am not giving a "chaste platonioc kiss" to anyone. I am a child of the Sixties. Make blog not love?

Irene - and I do not know why she calls herself sweaty because she is so sweet- maybe I am dyxlexcic (my spelling proves it) - let the first five people who commented today have a trophied award. I will re- give this coveted prize to the last five people who comment on this blog by tomorrrow noon, New York time. This will either jack up comments or make no one comment. Comment often. Talk about Obama. motorcycles, Prada backpacks, diet beer.

Kim, down under, gave me another award today- this one I cannot share, but she also gave it to Grandma Kris . Grandma, we travel around the same blogs. Kim is a gifted artist and a communicator extraordinaire.

Any man who comments will get an reward.....

No image today - the quality is not up to par lately... all work, no play. Adding some Sixties posters because I miss those days....see here for a link, sister. Go back in time....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



More sampling - New Zealand photos (365) and an Artful Blogland....Lisa and Andrea. Someday I promise I wil look up how to capiutalize Artful properly....

It is noted in a comment I have no male readers. I have showered with many men and never looked around. Still, they keep away, prefering apparently the scent of a woman (I cannot blame them - me I am an artiste').

Hans is the closest I have to the rare maleblog, and he makes me look at pics where he is holding yesterday's fish. I suspect he bought it at the market, but then I give men no breaks - part of reason men leave their mark on same hydrant after we each depart it. So many hydrants in Manhattan too. Harder than just leaving comments here.

I think I will not link to the lovely posts from Lisa and Andrea - those interested should meander to their blogs and see so so so many wonderful treasures. Mermaids and nests....birds and sunflowers. But, we already know that. Choir preacher am I.

Apparently at least one blogger wore Prada. M. Streep will play her when we all become famous.
Have a great day, night, morning - not sure where you stand.

Do not moimoi moi (the blue memes).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Neda, normally kind and so helpful, needs to be cut and pasted one thousand times for tagging moi. This will be a dull exercise for y'all. Book "closest" to me is Michael Arkfeld's "Electronic Discovery and Evidence." No pic of this "best seller"-it is heavy loose leaf. The correct line on Page 1-23 (there is no page 123 in this book since broken into sections) states:
"ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct 3.4(a) provides that "a lawyer shall not unlawfully obstruct another party's access to evidence or unlawfully alter, destroy or conceal a document or other material having potential evidentiary value [and] ...shall not counsel or assist another to do such act...."
I will quote no more....poetry it aint. Bloggers, please comment. Do you want lawyers to obstruct justice? Is obstructiuon a form of art. Is it high priced dada or just doodoo?

Instead, I will randomly open another book on my desk titled "Taxi Driver Widom" and quote one page (big print, fewer than 123 pages, sorry):

"Women choose who they love the most. Men choose who loves them the most."
Yes, we are not the fairer sex are we?

I tag Sue and an Artful Eye and Kris. Sorry. Mea culpa. Get thee to a library.....Modified Rules since that is what I do to deter Emee Meme Mine Moes:

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more or less and makesure the book super obscure so no one can call you on your poetic license. (No cheating! No speeding! Pay all your taxes!) Find Page 123, if you can . Find the first 5 sentences or just guess if you have ADD like I do. Post the next 3 sentences or fewer, since who is going to read all of it, anyway. Tag 5 people. Or tag 2, maybe 3, if you are unpopular and/or lazy. Do not curse those that tag you unless you are pretty petty. Have fun pleeeeease.

What is a meme? Ten bucks emailed to first helpful answer.

" progress"

Monday, February 11, 2008


Developed from Andrea manequin screen shot, Andrea Cape Cod screenshot and the morph of a Lisa weed screenshot, see below. Also involved color play, scratch and sniff, etc. I like this one - peaceful.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Sue emailed image - her interpretation of my past r.egret - and, I mixed that with Lisa's leaf detailed tree fern.

Here is another great idea that was pulled out of a glass bottle. We all can go Dutch. I joined but unfortunately do not own a scanner. I am thinking of posting hypothetical representation of my lie.fe - a poor man's Zelig where I dated super models and own estates by the (shallow) sea.

I shallow therefore I am (


Another Sue sample, of the most beautiful bridge on earth:

I left my in San Francisco. I miss it dearly.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I was very happy to RSVP to Sue's invitation to play and colloborate. I consider this a wonderful opportunity for synnergy amongst our very creative community. Others have also joined; see for example, see Rima's interpretation of Sue's evocative Mandala.

Sue recently emailed me some additonal photos - this one of a Great Egret is excellent. I am playing with her image to create something for her to use, if she wishes. Below is are drafts, purple and greenish, that I hope echo a wood block print or of cave painting.

My favorite transformed pic, although, is just a crop of her image which creates a soft abstract design grounded in the focused grace of a wild bird in its prime. Survival of the most elegant. There is a dash of late Monet here, somehow.



Earlier this week I went to a meeting in a large mid town law firm conference center and they had four original Audobon folio engravings from the 19th century. Large life size representaions that are simply stunning, this collection displayed a snowy owl, black crowned night herons, a northern gannet, and a great blue heron. I walked around the room and marvaled at them before the meeting, much more vibrant than any I had seen in books. No one else in the room, more thirty people, even noticed their splendor.

Pearls before technocrats.

Does anyone else have a spell check here that no longer works? It was my favorite typo placebo.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Refresh snapshot of my blog ("no.time") with a touch of fairly hidden inverted Andrea Cape Cod sample.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Sample, purrr.